Moisture Medic HC70 Dehumidifier


The Moisture Medic® crawl space dehumidifier brings high performance, american made and affordability together in one package. Available in 70, 90 and 130 pints per day capacities. Made for the homeowner, trusted by the professionals.


Keeping moisture levels at a safe and desirable level makes good sense to your home and to the people that breath the air. Controlling moisture levels in your crawl space/basement and in your home will keep mold and fungus spores from germinating and taking root in your home. This means a more comfortable environment for your family. Also, making sure you have the right crawl space vapor barrier and seam tape will ensure that your dehumidifier works at its best performance.

5 year manufacturer's warranty
Designed and manufactured in the USA
Duct collars are included with each dehumidifier

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Dehumidifier Filter

Washable Filter

Washable filtration means you spend less money buying filters and sourcing suppliers and more time drying your crawl space air. The HC-70 & HC-90 models come with two washable filters, one installed in the unit and one for a spare. This way when you need to change the dirty filter you have one ready to install and keep your Moisture Medic® running while the dirty filter is washed and ready for next time.

Moisture Medic Dehumidifier Side View

Noise Efficient

When looking for a dehumidifier, noise control is very important. The Moisture Medic® series ranges from 53-58 dBA, which is the equivalent to the sound of a dishwasher coming from another room. While the dehumidifier is hard at work maintaining the moisture in your crawl space, it won’t disrupt normal day to day activities.

Fan Pak for Moisture Medic Dehumidifier

Fan Pak™

The FanPak™ fan system enhances the dehumidifier’s reach in the crawl space. The Moisture Medic® HC-70 has the water removal capacity of an average 1500 square foot crawl space, but with an added FanPak™ that same dehumidifier can cover up to 2100 square feet. Ask your sales rep for more information.

Moisture Medic Control Panel

Built in digital controller - with available extra options to control from your smart phone

The digital controller on this crawl space dehumidifier is easy to read and setup. There are three great additional options, if you want to control the crawl space dehumidifier from your home or smartphone.

Model # 8620W 8820 W 76
  8620W 8820W 76 Thermostat
Installation Location In the crawl space Main level of home Main level of home
Wifi / Touch Screen Yes Yes No
Smart Phone App Yes Yes No

Why Buy A Moisture Medic®?

1- The Moisture Medic® crawl space dehumidifier gives you a trouble free way to control moisture in your crawl space backed by a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty.
2- Most affordable commercial grade dehumidifier for the crawl space
3- Preferred by professionals to the higher cost “Brand Value” crawl space dehumidifiers
4- Control the Moisture Medic® with an AprilAire thermostat
5- A quality crawl space dehumidifier is an essential part of a properly designed crawl space